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Who is the Peer Support Program For?

If you or a loved one is living with Lyme disease and/or other tick-borne illness, you know first-hand the physical and emotional challenges that are associated with this condition.

The Lyme disease journey can be difficult to navigate especially for those who are living with chronic symptoms. Having someone who is knowledgeable and has experienced the many challenges of living with Lyme disease as a guide to support you through the journey is an invaluable resource. This program is for anyone who has been affected by Lyme disease or other tick-borne illness – patient, caregiver, or family member who may need one-on-one support or want to volunteer to be a mentor.

Why is Peer Mentor Support Important?

You are not in this journey alone! Connecting people who are affected by Lyme disease and/or other tick-borne illness benefits everyone. This program is meant to inspire members of the tick-borne disease community by providing support that will keep both the peer mentors and the people they are assisting moving forward in their individual journeys.

Caregivers and family members face different challenges as the primary support for patients. Connecting with others who are or have been in a similar role can provide an outlet for sharing emotions and for help in finding new ways to lighten the load.

How Does Peer Mentor Support Work?

Peers will be matched with someone who has faced similar challenges as themselves. You will be matched with a person with a similar profile to connect and exchange information and support. Peer mentors are available to communicate by phone, email, or video chat.

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Learn the inspiration behind GLA’s Peer-to-Peer Mentor Support program, from our friend Kasey Passen.

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